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Bingo was once nothing more than a dull and boring game played by older women to pass the time. But luckily for us companies have been able to rebrand the game through the use of online UK bingo sites. Take a look at our top 10 bingo sites, they’re a great example of how fun bingo online can be, with its luxurious beach theme. Bingo gaming websites are growing in popularity by the day. As the demand continues to increase there will always be newer bingo sites being released. So, it’s important to be able to recognise the best ones for you to play. Sound like hard work? Well don’t worry because we at Spinathon have done all the hard work for you with our latest online bingo reviews. Here’s a list of some excellent new bingo websites:

Barbados Bingo – Fun in the Sun at this 5 Star Bingo Site?

Win up to 500 Free Spins on Fluffy Favourites

T&Cs Apply. New Players Only. Min Deposit £10. Max Conversion £250. 65x Wager Requirement.

Queen Bee Bingo Review – The Queen of the UK Bingo Industry?

Deposit £10 Get £70 in Bingo Tickets

T&Cs Apply. New Customers Only. Free Spins Winnings Capped at £1. No Wagering Reqs.

Glossy Bingo – A glamorous Bingo Site reviewed

Deposit £10 get £35 to play with!

T&Cs Apply. Min Deposit £10. New Customers Only.

Bringo Bingo – A Brand New Bingo Site UK

300% Welcome Bonus up to £60

T&Cs apply. Non-funded players only. Min dep £5. Max bingo bonus £60. Wager requirements Apply.

Dotty Bingo – A leading UK Bingo Provider

100% Deposit Bonus up to £50 for New Players

T&Cs apply. 40x wagering required to withdraw bonus (game weighting applies).

Slingo – More than an ordinary Bingo Site?

300% Welcome Bonus up to 50%

T&Cs Apply. 60x Wagering Requirements.

Bingocams – A top rated Bingo Website

300% Welcome Bonus up to £150

T&Cs Apply. Min Deposit £10, Max Deposit £50. New Customers Only.

Betfred – Their new Bingo UK site

Spend £10 get £40

T&Cs Apply. Min deposit £10. New customers only. Wagering Requirements Apply.

BOGOF – One of the Best UK Bingo Sites

£20 Welcome Package for New Players

T&Cs Apply. 18+ New Customers Only. Wager Reqs Apply.

Why choose a modern Bingo site?

If you’re on a budget, then the newer the site the better. This is because they will generally offer much better bingo bonuses on 1st time deposits. Bingocams are currently offering a 300% welcome bonus on up to £150 deposits. If the sound of that doesn’t get you excited I don’t know what will! Make sure you shop around at all the new top bingo sites to find the best offer for you. There’s hundreds of irresistible prizes to be had. Each of our Bingo reviews will have current bonuses and promotions that are running for that brand.

Additionally, everyone likes new things whether that be new shoes or even a brand-new bingo game or site to play on. This allows you to swap to a fresh new site that has a different feel to it, maybe even a unique theme and a different selection of games for you to test out. Trying new things will definitely keep the entertainment value of gambling. Which of course is important to ensure you’re gambling responsibly.

Moreover, as brand-new bingo websites are rolled out they continue to develop in terms of technology and what they have to offer. More exciting games and promising new softwares being incorporated. Bingo games have went from the standard games to incorporating different themes such as Britain’s Got Talent, Deal or No deal and many more. Offering much more variety in the way you play. As well as the different bingo UK providers you chose to play at. As each one has a different variety of games.

That may be some great advancements that we’ve already seen in the industry. But, what about new potential updates to come in 2018 bingo or the upcoming years? Well, the potential for software such as Virtual Reality in modern online bingo is huge. The list of benefits our top 10 new bingo sites could get from this is endless. For example, it would really help to bring the social aspect of online bingo to life even more. By creating an artificial environment full of real players to interact with. Imagine you could even physically mark your bingo card while playing online. The user experience would be through the roof so its bound to come at some point. It’s just a question of when. Hopefully we’ll see some 2018 bingo reviews mentioning their use this year.

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Keeping up to Date with the Latest Bingo Sites UK

It’s certainly no easy feat being able to stay up to date with all these recently released bingo sites. That’s where we come in, you can be sure we’ve got a load of new bingo sites reviewed. Not just any new entry bingo websites either. We’ve focused on bringing you the best new online bingo sites out there. So, to be included you’ve got to match up to our high standards across a range of different criteria’s. Here’s a few of the different factors we look at for a 2018 online bingo site:

  • Security: This is without a doubt the most important factor when assessing a UK online bingo website. If they can’t manage to handle simple necessities like player security, then we won’t even consider their bingo online site. As we would never promote an unsecure gambling operator anywhere on our site. You, the readers are the most important thing to us, we want to ensure you have a fun-filled and safe online bingo experience.
  • Bingo Games & Software: Knowing what kind of games a Uk bingo site online has to offer is crucial. It can make or break a site for you based on the variety of their latest bingo games. We’ll rank sites based on their selection, both variety and quality. For example, do they have different themes for their bingo UK games? Such as Britain’s got Talent and Deal or no Deal, also the variety of balls such as 75-ball bingo and 90-ball. We don’t just look specifically at bingo either, if the site has more to offer such as top slots we’ll evaluate that too. After all it’s always nice to have plenty of options.
  • Top Bingo bonuses: This is all about how good their UK bingo online promotions are. We look a lot deeper than just their welcome offers. We assess all their different promotions including free bingo rooms, VIP Schemes and more. Making sure we inform you if they’re any unclear terms and conditions too, so you can get the most for each new bingo deposit.

There’s a range of other features we look at such as payments, general bingo site information, support and much more. One thing you can be sure of when reading our bingo reviews is you’ll have all the information you need to make a decision on which new bingo site is best for you. So, make sure you stay up to date with all the biggest and newest bingo releases in 2018.

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Innovation required for success of 2018 Bingo Sites

Online bingo in the uk has been coming under numerous different levels of scrutiny and criticism. This leading to an increase in bingo website regulations. They’ve really began to clamp down on different aspects of modern day bingo websites. Including factors such as how bingo online websites promote their brand. In the last few months of 2017 bingo was hit with various new bingo restrictions. This making their lives a little harder, so its crucial in the up-coming years that UK bingo sites are innovative if they wish to not only survive but succeed.

Ban on Child-Friendly Bingo Website Designs

The new restrictions saw cartoon characters having to be removed from bingo sites new and old. The only way they are now allowed on online bingo UK sites is if they’re locked behind an age/pay requirement so no one under 18 can view them. The whole reasoning behind this new strict outlook on Bingo UK restrictions is to reduce the likelihood children are enticed by different forms of bingo marketing through use of child friendly cartoons. This isn’t just an issue for brand-new bingo sites though. You may have played slots such as fluffy favourites and other cartoon styled online games. This therefore begs the question as to whether we will see further restrictions on this market and not just bingo games providers.

Whilst this is definitely a positive movement towards healthier modern bingo gaming, we aren’t quite sure all those providers of new bingo website games in the UK will see it the same. As they will now have lost a huge marketing tool, used to connect on a personal level with many players. Cartoon mascots could often be found plastered all over the newest bingo sites on the market. Helping to create a unique and exciting identity for players to connect with around the world. Often also providing a great addition to bingo bonuses when advertising through things such as promotional banners. This is certainly going to make new UK Bingo website designers have to think a bit more when it comes to being innovative with each brand.

But, for us the players this represents an exciting opportunity to potentially see more different styles than the usual cartoons we’ve come accustomed to over the years. We’re going to see more different styles coming to bingo online. Some you may like and some you won’t, the important thing is there’s going to be much more choice now. So, make sure you’re on the look out for one of the best new bingo sites that grabs your attention.

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Bingo Bonus Viability Under Scrutiny

For as long as we know the Bingo industry has been fierce in competition worldwide. To combat this operators of new bingo sites hoping to breach the market had to offer extravagant bingo bonus schemes and welcome offers. However, UK Bingo faced changes to taxation in Summer of 2017, followed by the UK Gambling Commission cracking down on unfair terms and conditions on all casino, sports, slot and bingo bonuses. Presenting yet more issues for modern day bingo sites, forcing them into finding ways to innovate and adapt to these changes.

As the tax changes came first many operators in the UK Bingo online industry tried to innovate with big bingo bonuses that had more complicated and often unclear terms and conditions. Unfortunately for them, since the UK Gambling commission began the crackdown on this months later that also became an unviable option.

This began to see a fall in the variety of offers initially. For example, no deposit bonuses at top new bingo sites are almost none existent now. This due to them being so unfeasible, although there is still a few out there, maybe you’ll find one in our bingo reviews. Additionally, a lot of the big online bingo bonuses were reduced to make it more affordable for providers. Again, that is why it’s important you read up on the bonuses section in each on of our new bingo reviews.

As, we’ve already mentioned, in the gaming industry operators must be constantly evolving through innovation. Bingo is no different and that’s why we’ve seen the best new bingo sites be able to adapt and overcome these changes. Some of the changes they made included:

  • Introduction of the Free Bingo room: A method of no deposit bingo where prizes can be won usually paid in the form of a bonus with its own wagering requirements attached. This is a great way for new bingo customers to get involved with Bingo UK Games.
  • Bonus games of chance: This has originated from the Jumpman Bingo brand Websites. For example, their Mega Reel offers up a range of prizes, however there is the chance of nothing. The fact the win is not guaranteed makes it much more viable. There are also additional wagering requirements on any wins such as free bingo cash or spins.
  • Player Reward/VIP Scheme: This involves providing players with rewards based on a scaling system. The more you spend at one bingo site online means you will accumulate points or rank higher in their VIP Scheme. As you progress through their VIP Bingo Scheme you’ll get access to more and more exclusive rewards. This is much more viable due to the fact you are generally rewarded based on how much you’ve lost, so they’ll always be turning a reasonable profit.

Both situations represent a recent challenge for UK Bingo, something that they have began and continue to tackle with. One things for sure online bingo gaming is here to stay regardless of any on-going issues. So, be sure to check out our bingo reviews UK to find the best places to play bingo in 2018.

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History of UK Bingo

It was around 1930 when Bingo as we know it today was created. Mostly played at carnivals and events across the US. Edwin Lowe was the man who came up with the idea, it was originally called Beano but when one of his friends won and accidently called out ‘Bingo!’ instead of Beano, that is where the name originated from. By the 1940s Lowe had managed to spread the game across all of America. It was known as a fun, light-hearted form of small stakes gambling. Through the upcoming decades it began to be played in other countries and Bingo UK was created with halls to play in.

Now in present day Bingo in the UK is extremely popular with around 3.8 million Brits enjoying the game both online bingo rooms and land-based halls. Thanks to an advancement in technology bingo online games have been able to spread world wide and be more sophisticated. For example, the use of computerised random number generators. Contributing to a much safer online UK bingo environment for players to be able to enjoy. New bingo sites online also have a range of brilliant promotional offers. Something that wasn’t around back in the early days of bingo. But, this is simply due to how much players have taken to bingo. Making it an extremely competitive market for online Bingo in the UK.

The future holds a lot of opportunity for online bingo, thanks to the rapid advancements in technology who knows what we will be seeing with modern bingo sites in the future. One thing that has remained in it’s close to 100-year lifespan is that people love the social aspect of top bingo games. Initially, this was something that on-line bingo couldn’t offer, but recently they have ventured into additional features such as chat rooms for players to connect. Chat rooms would be an aspect of free bingo, so you wouldn’t need to pay more than your deposit for them. There is also the prospect of Virtual Reality gaming and its uses in modern-day bingo gaming. If we see this advance in the future it could be extremely beneficial to online bingo UK but bad for land-based bingo halls. As it would enhance the social aspect of the game massively. Making it possible to interact with players and bring that social environment to you in the comfort of your own home.

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FAQs for New Bingo Websites in the UK

Can I trust new online bingo brands?

For anyone looking for some top new bingo games to play it might be a bit of putting using an unknown site. That can be the main deterrent for a large number of people, however, this is completely unnecessary. The main thing you need to look out for is their who their operated by and most importantly who they’re licensed and regulated by. As you may recognise popular operators such as Jumpman, Skill on Net, White Hat and more who all run reputable bingo gaming sites. Additionally, you can know how safe and legitimate an online UK Bingo Website is by looking at their licenses. Prestigious and well-known governing bodies in the gambling sector includes the likes of:

  • UK Gambling Commission
  • Gibraltar Gambling Authority
  • Malta Gambling Authority

Can I play mobile bingo?

Yes, you certainly can! The great thing about our fast-moving society today is all the technological advancements. Luckily for us you can now get access to mobile bingo anywhere in the uk all you need is your phone and an internet connection. Gone are the times when you had to wait for a specific time or day to play bingo. Now there’s always a modern bingo room open for you. So, you can get access to them anywhere and anytime. Whether you’re on your way to work or you’ve just got in and are sitting back relaxing. With a couple of touches you can be immersed into a game of your favourite online bingo. With a range of different new bingo themed games to play across a range of different operators. There’s really never been a better time to play mobile bingo in the UK so get reading one of our online bingo reviews.

Can I play no deposit bingo?

There’s certainly plenty of bingo sites UK out there offering no deposit bingo offers. Although there is fewer than previous due to tighter restrictions that we previously mentioned. However, even if you can’t find the right no deposit UK Bingo offers then there’s still other ways you can play. For example, free bingo games are available on many sites. Allowing you to play for free without the need for a deposit. Some of these free online bingo games offer up some prizes paid out in bonuses, so you can literally get something for nothing.

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Responsible Gaming on New Online Bingo Sites:

Our priority is ensuring all our readers have a fun-filled and enjoyable experience at top new bingo websites online. We think that should be yours too. Gambling can become addictive, especially with online bingo in the UK, its got to be the most exiting type of gambling. There’s a lot of different organisation that can help people in need due to an addiction with modern bingo or other forms of online gambling. These organisations include the likes of Gamcare, Gambleaware, The NHS and more. Here’s a few of our own helpful tips on Responsible Bingo gaming online:

  • Never gamble under the influence: Playing your favourite top bingo games while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This doesn’t just apply to brand-new online bingo sites but also all other forms of gambling. As alcohol and/or drugs can have a seriously damaging effect on your judgement. Potentially causing you to spend more than you usually would. This meaning that for the sake of a few extra games of bingo online you may not be able to pay bills or have as good a quality of life.
  • Keep to a budget: Setting your limits and knowing when to stop is a critical part of playing bingo online in the UK safely. Having a weekly or daily budget allows you to account for what you can afford to lose on bingo in the UK. This prevents you from overspending and potentially putting you in a bad financial situation which definitely wouldn’t be worth it. Remember top new bingo games are all about luck and chance, there’s no magic formula, so if you’re on a loss streak stick to your limits.
  • Focus on the Entertainment value: After all, this is what modern bingo online is all about. Having fun and enjoying the social aspects that can come with it. Meeting new people at bingo online chatrooms, connecting and sharing the entertainment that is brand-new bingo sites. There’s so much fun to be had but understandably with the monetary rewards its easy to fixate on them. But remember new UK online bingo providers are a business and expect to make money like any other entertainment provider. So, be prepared to pay and if you do get a big bingo bonus online then take it as a treat and a nice little bit of extra money to put in your pocket.

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